Kyrei Zion

Cynthia, Mark, James & Crew-

Our hats off to you!  Our meat came just as requested and is delicious!  I want to especially thank you for the care and attention to packaging.  By far the absolutely best packaging of our meat we have ever had.  I have a lage chest freezer, but was positive it was not going to be enough when we found out our beef dressed weight at 760 pounds.  The meat was so well packaged in identical size and shape for the different types of meat, that it stacked perfectly and room was not a problem.  We have got our meat done at Deer Trail for years.  We were really apprenhensive about having to change lockers when DT closed.  Thanks for taking the fears away.  We are really excited to start our relationship with Otteman's and look forward to using you for many yers to come.  Thanks again.