Price List

Storage begins one month from the processing date.  It is $12.00 per month for 4 or less baskets and $3.00 per month for each additional basket.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Processing (per pound on the carcass weight) $.70
Slaughtering Beef (per head) $80.00
Slaughtering Bison or Yak (per head) $100.00
Extra charge for emergency slaughter (per head) $30.00
Extra charge for processing Liver (per head) $15.00
Patties (per pound) $.25
Tenderizing (per steak) $.25
Minute Steaks (per steak) $.10
Meat Sliced for Jerky Meat (per pound) $.40
Paper between steaks (per head) $8.00
Scrape Saw Shavings (per head) $8.00
Rolled Roasts (each) $1.25
Cooling and Aging only (per pound) $.20
Storage per basket (per month, $12 minimum)
   - Begins 1 month from processing date