Mike and Mary Sue Nicklos, La Junta, CO

"The only beef in our freezer bears the Otteman's Inc. stamp.  Though we live 2 1/2 hours away, we started using Otteman's in 1996.  Mark and Cynthia have been so good about providing us with quality aged beef and processing it according to our wishes -- including our packages of patties, separated with paper for easy grilling.  Our specifications are on file, making reorder time easy.  They've been great about holding the beef for our convenience at pick-up time."

Bob Rosenberger, Wellington, CO

"We are very happy with the processing of our buffalo. We'll be getting more when this one is gone."

Thom and Ann Defranco, Superior CO

"Ordering from Otteman’s is the ideal way to buy meat. It allows my wife and I to order exactly what we want based on what we feed our family. We appreciate the flexibility to increase the amount of cubed beef and diverse items like fajita meat and thin cuts for jerky. It is always cut and packaged for our family size assuring we never waste anything."

Nancy & Bill Weaver, Rawlins WY

It was so wonderful to get the service that I remember my parents used to get years ago.  I came from a farming area and we used to have yearling butchered every year.  We had to go about 30 miles from home to pick it up when it was done.  Our trip was a bit longer but well worth it.  The meat is wonderful and packed perfectly.  I recommend the minute steaks to people our age with teeth problems.  They melt in your mouth and work well on the Forman Grille.  We will be getting our meat processed here for years to come.  Thank you for this wonderful experience.


Angela Safranek, Clayton NM

As your first "live tester", I wanted to let you know that the web site was REALLY easy to use!  I especially liked the little hover boxes that showed up to give an explanation when there is a choice to be made.

John and Brenda Combs, Centennial, CO

Otteman’s Meat Processing is a prime example of quality products and fantastic customer service.We will recommend your company to anyone looking for this type of service within a reasonable budget. Your prompt delivery and the high quality of your product has ensured that we will be repeat customers. Thank You.

Amy and Toby Johnson - Collins Ranch

My husband and I have had our meat processed at Otteman's for over 15 years now, and we have always been very pleased with their professionalism, customer service, and quality of service.

Russell Covington, Limon, Colo.

Everything was great!  Russell Covington, Limon, Colo.

Cheryl Reese, Stratton

There is one word to describe our experience with Otteman's Inc. Meat Processing and that is quality.  We received quality service from the beginning when the cow was delivered to them, when they called to see how we wanted it packaged, when they cut and wrapped our meat, when we went to pick the meat up, and when we started eating our meat.  I would use Otteman's Inc. Meat Processing again and recommend to anyone to do the same with confidence.

Louden & Danny Ray Hornung, Flagler CO

Great to hear James is going to be the assistant manager for you guys! I think he will do great!