Eleanor & LeRoy Herndon

We would be glad to give a testimonial.  We are always very pleased with the service we get at Otteman's. 

Elaine Vose, Duncanville, TX

We are always pleased with the beef from Otteman's.  We have been repeat customers for a number of years and we've encouraged friends and family to buy through them.  We have a sense of buying local (even though we live in TX) because we know the kind of ranchers we are supporting in Eastern Colorado.  The meat is far above the quality we would find in a grocery store.  It tastes delicious.  Thanks for all the good meals your meat has starred in.


Joe Nation, Snap on Franchisee, Aurora CO

Ottemans's has been awesome to work with for our meat processing.  We had a complicated order this year dividing a full cow between 4 families with different cut request for each.  The order was accommodated and done exactly as we asked.  We also still have a few packages left over from last years cow and the packaging is great with no freezer burn after a full year.  Thanks and we look forward to our next order.

Curtis & Carlene Bandt

Over the past thirty years, we have had our beef processed by many processors throughout Southern Colorado.  However, we have found Otteman's to be our favorite.  We will definately be taking future orders to their processing plant.  Thank you for the great job!

Jeff Hoskins, Parker Colorado

We have had 6 or 8 steers processed at Otteman's over the past years and they are great to deal with on every level.  Their processes and products are superior to any other meat processor that we have ever used.  Their attention to the details of the processing and customer service make the extra drive worth it.  I would recommend  Otteman's Meat Processing to anyone  looking to acquire a higher quality beef.

P.S. My pooches love the extra dog bones! 

Lucille Durham, Rush Colorado

For several years I have had my meat processed at Otteman's Meat Processing.  I am very favorably impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and with the processing and packaging of my meat.  Mark & Cynthia and their employees are friendly and accomodating.  I highly recommend Otteman's Meat Processing for all your meat processing needs.

Lynn Traxler, Superior Colorado

I am so happy that we used Otteman's! From the start, they were professional and friendly and they provided this type of service throughout the whole process. I spent quite some time on the phone trying to determine the best order for my family and they were very patient and also great with explanations and advice. The packaging itself is terrific, from the wrapping to the labels. They also were willing to work around my travel schedule and allow me to pick up the meat after hours which is more than I expected. I am very impressed with the whole experience and anticipate using them for all future meat processing. Definitely recommend!

Michael and Carmen Conklin

Thank you Otteman’s Meat Processing!

For the past 65+ years Cynthia and Mark has been doing the meat processing for me and my family. I’m 45 years old and I can honestly remember driving to Otteman’s when I was about 5 years old with my Grandfather and Grandmother” Earnest and Phyllis” My Grandparent’s told me this is the only company that they can trust.

I’m always impressed the way the Otteman’s Meat Processing wraps my beef. I don’t know how they do it but it comes out excellent every time.  The ground beef so fresh and doesn’t look all chopped up like the super markets. The steaks are incredible and juicy.  Also my 2 little dogs love’s the bones.

Thank you all at Otteman’s Meat Processing “Cynthia and Mark”

Also great job to you James on your schooling degree in “Meat Science” please don’t change anything on your family business.

Ron and Lorraine Mader, Burlington

At this time my husband and I would like to share our personal experience with having our meat processed at Otteman's Meat Processing.

They have made us feel very much appreciated as customers by their friendliness and caring attitude. From the very first phone call to discuss our order to when we pick up our order.

Our phone conversations are always very courteous and professional when we are called to discuss our order. When we walk into their building to pick up our order we are always greeted by the very friendly staff and are immediately waited on.

What we noticed the very first time we walked into their place of business was how clean it was. The smell of meat was not noticeable, that says a lot about how much care they take with how they process the meat.

We would and do recommend this meat processing business to one and all.

Shadonna Reed, Arvada Colorado

I have been a customer of Otteman's for the past 5 years.  I have appreciated through the years, the care Otteman's has taken to ensure the beef I ordered was processed exactly how I wanted.  Cynthia has always been so kind on the phone, when calling to confirm my order and following up promptly when the beef was ready for pickup.  This year I had the pleasure of meeting everyone at Otteman's when I went to pick up my order for the first time.  I had the opportunity to meet James and was very impressed with his knowledge of the business and what he does at Otteman's.  I went away feeling extra confident and knowing that Otteman's is the right place to take care of my beef processing!