History of Otteman’s Meat Processing

On January 1st, 1950, Fred and Agnes Otteman rang in the new year by founding Ottemans Meat Processing in Flagler, CO. As demand for their services increased over the ensuing decade, the Ottemans constructed a complete slaughter facility in south Flagler in 1963.

Historical Ottemans 1
Historical Ottemans 5

Fred and Agnes’ son Mark purchased the business in 1981, and with the help of his wife Cynthia, grew Otteman’s into the premier custom meat processor in eastern Colorado. They raised two amazing children, Brian and James, who played instrumental roles in developing the Otteman’s brand.

After 40 years, Mark and Cynthia sold their business to another Colorado-based meat processing family. The faces and names around the shop haven’t changed, and the exceptional products and services haven’t either. The newest member of the Otteman’s crew, Jim, even purchased Fred and Agnes’ original home in Flagler, where he is caring for his own family and continuing the tradition the Otteman’s set into motion in 1950.

We hope to see you around the shop soon and look forward to processing your next beef with the same care and quality you have received for over 70 years!