About Us

History of Otteman’s, Inc. Meat Processing

The founders, Fred and Agnes Otteman, started our company January 1, 1950. They purchased the store and locker plant from V. & Ola Thompson and officially started up Otteman’s Cash Store. Slaughtering on the farm was the first new service added in 1951. With the demand for service increasing, the Otteman’s constructed a complete slaughter facility in south Flagler in 1963. In 1978 the Otteman’s closed out their groceries but continued the meat processing business, having modernized their freezing and processing equipment.

Fred and Agnes’ son, Mark leased the business in the fall of 1980, following the death of Fred. Mark purchased the business in 1981 and has continued to operate it as in the past.   Cynthia began working with her husband in 1987 following the birth of James.  They raised two children, Brian and James who worked with their parents throughout their school years. James is involved in day to day operations and Brian in technical matters.

In 1992 the building on Main Street was sold and a construction job was completed to enable us to combine the two plants in one location.  Employees have been hired through the years to help meet the demand for services. The business was incorporated in 1993 under the name Otteman’s INC. We do business under the name of Otteman’s Meat Processing.